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Who can use the Business Library?

1433 views   |   Last updated on Apr 16, 2021    faculty alumni

Currently-affiliated students, faculty, and staff may use the library's resources. Alumni are also eligible for restricted access to subscription databases. Contact the library for additional information.... read more

How do I cite my sources?

890 views   |   Last updated on Apr 12, 2019    writing help

Please see the APA Citation Guide: read more

What if the library does not have a book or article I need?

866 views   |   Last updated on Apr 16, 2021    library services Interlibrary Loan

Please contact the library at to see about options. ... read more

What can I do if I'm having trouble accessing the Library's databases?

639 views   |   Last updated on Apr 16, 2021    databases

Refer to the Library's Database Troubleshooting Guide to see a list of common access issues and how to resolve them. Contact the Business Library for further assistance if you continue having problems accessing the databases.   Email: ... read more

How do I contact a librarian?

434 views   |   Last updated on Apr 16, 2021   

Contact the Business Library at ... read more

Where is the Business Library?

342 views   |   Last updated on Apr 16, 2021   

The Business Library is virtual. Access to most resources is now electronic and available from wherever you happen to be (assuming you have an internet connection).   ... read more

What is OpenAthens?

237 views   |   Last updated on Apr 16, 2021   

OpenAthens is an identity management service that provides access to the library's licensed databases and online resources. OpenAthens single sign-on technology replaced the library's aging authentication system called Web Access Management (WAM), providing users with a more secure and seamless experience accessing information through the library's paid subscriptions. For more information, please ... read more

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